Had the late Jaramogi Oginga Odinga wanted to , he could have become Kenya’s first black prime minister . When the colonialists settled on handing him the premiership , he declined , contending that Kenya was not free unless Jomo Kenyatta was freed from prison . On kenyatta’s release , Jaramogi voluntarily relinquished the party chairmanship to him . In his own right , Jaramogi became Kenya’s first king maker . The tragedy of this noble gesture is that his selflessness and patriotism became a curse to subsequent kingmakers todate . The king he helped make became his greatest tormentor .
In 1978 we had another king maker in the then all powerful attorney general , mr Charles Mugane Njonjo . Against all odds , he backed Moi and made him king but thereafter , all was not rosy between them .
King Moi surrounded himself with his kinsmen to the exclusion of everybody else thus formented gradual rebellion that not only led to the repeal of section C 2(a) of the then constitution but saw the rise of the third king maker in Raila Amollo Odinga . With his famous 2002 declaration ‘Kibaki tosha ‘ , Kibaki became king . In keeping with the tradition of those before him , king Kibaki immediately turned his back on Raila and their relationship became cold over the ensuing years . Come 2007, the democratic space Raila had helped create allowed him to challenge Kibaki for the presidency , the outcome of which was bloodshed . Even though Raila vehemently disputed the election outcome , he swallowed his pride and settled for half the share of the spoils out of selflessness , just like his father before him . Kibaki’s inner circle worked tirelessly to cast Raila into irrelevance and make sure he did not himself become king . From the ashes of 2007 , William Ruto , untill then a staunch ally of Raila , started getting restless and broke ranks with the premier because of unfulfilled promises . The ICC cloud hanging over Rutos head compelled him to form an alliance with Uhuru Kenyatta , his co accused , eventually leading him into being the fourth king maker . The tyranny of numbers between the kikuyu and Kalenjin tribes , more than anything , propelled Uhuru to statehouse with Ruto enjoying the ride . Eight months down the line , Ruto has started feeling the heat all king makers before him felt . The very ills that made him quit ODM have followed him to the Jubilee alliance and it will be interesting to see if he will quit in a huff or stay put . It was to be “nusu mkate ” for both TNA and URP but the former seems to be taking a bite from the other’s half , something that does not go down well with the latters tribesmen . His kinsmen are relentless in demanding their equal share of government goodies and have lit a fire under him he cannot ignore . Meanwhile , all indications are that he is becoming a ceremonial deputy president , accompanying the president everywhere , singing his praises and doing pretty little as the presidents inner cabal tightens its hold on him . To survive and keep his plum job , Ruto must dance to Uhurus tune .
With all these going on , it is utopic thinking that Kenyatta will automatically lead for ten years and hand the baton to Ruto . Incase the power crazed duo forget , kenya is a democracy , not a monarchy and like all the king makers before him , Ruto will most likely not amount to anything higher than the deputy presidency of this cursed country .



Deputy president William Rutos defence of Francis Muthaura as the new head of the LAPSSET project was pathetic . His usage of the swahili saying “pilipili usio ila yakuwashiani ” was not only out of context , it marked him as a person averse to criticism , someone who believes in authoritarianism . Coming only days after the president publicly averred his choices and deeds were above reproach , and judging by the way he praises his boss , it has reached a point where if the president said the sun rises from the south , Ruto will swear it is true .
Leaders should not make a spectacle of themselves in public by using proverbs and sayings they do not fully comprehend . The swahili saying that mr Ruto latched onto is only applicable where purely personal matters are concerned . Does the deputy president need reminding that the LAPSSET project in neither his nor the presidents personal domain ? It is a larger kenyan affair and they must therefore adapt our wishes . Muthaura is a “pilipili” that is burning our tongues , choking us and stinging our eyes to soreness , we must complain . The chorus of rejection of ambassador Muthaura cannot be ignored for it robs him of any shred of legitimacy . He has been rejected by the very same people he is meant to serve and work with . Even the most dyed in the wool Jubilee government apologists are begining to question the presidents style and ability to govern fairly and soberly . Mr Rutos own backyard is on fire and if the duo pretends everything is fine and it is business as usual , we are not faring any better than Zimbabwe , Congo , CAR or even South Sudan , enough cause for worry .
It is insensitive of the deputy president to defend job offers to near senile people who , according to him should work ‘once a month or twice every three months ‘ . Would this justify the huge salaries and perks they enjoy when there are more energetic and highly educated kenyans ready to make ours a twenty four hour economy , and even work for less money ?
Unless they are out to destroy this country , it should worry the Uhuruto duo that a recent survey showed they have performed dismally in their eight months in office . The common man has nothing to smile about and look forward to . He must contend with misery every day . There ought to be a paradigm shift in the way things are perceived and done in this supposedly digital generation . Over reliance on the analogue system will slow down everything.
And in case the Uhuruto duo forgets , we , not them , have the power to decide whether they continue in office or not .


The lad at statehouse is giving us enough rope to hang him with . He is a born fumbler . If i said there was no matter in that knob he calls a head , would i be wrong ? Such was the idiocy that landed south sudan in trouble and i believe he was there recently trying to arbitrate and taking sides all in one breath . What value can a senile analogue Muthaura add to a thoroughly confused and rudderless digital whirlwind ? And why is Uhuru so interested in the clitoris ? Perhaps he should set up another board to ensure no penis in kenya has a sheath and hand it over to Makwere . Yes , why is Makwere not being rewarded for having shouted himself hoarse praising Jubilee ? He was used to disparage Raila at every turn , surely he needs a reward , no ?
Alfred Keter was and is right , Ruto is soo blind he is being led to the abbattoir he cant see . He is so mesmerised with the empty title Deputy president he is willing to lick ass , what a shame ! Ruto has been reduced to following and singing the praises of Uhuru everywhere . Where are his balls now ? Naumia kuwa mkenya wenzangu .



In late october 2013 , Kenyans awoke to the sad news of a fatal
accident involving a train and a matatu operating on the Umoja route .
In keeping with our notorious tradition of locking the gate after the
horse had long bolted , the cabinet secretary transport and
infrastructure acted by cancelling the operating licence of the
Umoiner sacco whose buses , he claimed , operated without valid
licences. Coming from the Cabinet secretary , it was a damning
indictment on the traffic department of the police and his ministry ,
whose staff are guilty of complicity in circumventing the laws .
The cabinet secretary gave an order to demolish all structures ,
residential and business , constricting the railway line . His concern
was that the proximity of these structures to the railway line was a
threat to life . Two months down the line , with little or nothing
having been done to clear either side of the railway line of
encroachment , an accident happened that injured many . The cabinet
secretary has been
vindicated but a lethargic bureaucracy did not
actualise his order in time , hence should be held accountable for
the injuries and any deaths not yet reported .
It is not out of choice , but ignorance and desperation that these
people gamble with their own lives . The proliferation of tin shacks
along the railway line did not happen overnight . Those in authority
allowed them to grow .These shacks house people who dont have the
means to live a decent life , more specifically , those who have
nothing to look forward to . It may sound good to move these people
away from the railway line for their own safety , but what alternative
accomodation does the government have for them ? Often , once the
bulldozers come and flatten everything in their path , it becomes the
end of the chapter . It does not matter that these people have been
rendered homeless in a hostile world , having also lost the only
possesions they had .
Housing is one the major problems facing kenyans in urban areas and
even with governmment promises to put up affordable houses , there is
very little , if anything , that is being done . The rural urban
migration dictated by poverty and the need to search for jobs
compounds the situation . In kibera , for instance , beneficiaries of
the low cost houses put up to help the poor were well paid civil
servants . Who will come to the aid of the poor man who cannot speak
for himself if he is constantly on the periphery of the governments
blurred vision ?



I listened to the president and his deputy alternately address residents of the rift valley and wondered what had happened to statesmanship . Every time i hear the deputy president ramble , i find his attitude to be condescending . In churches and at public rallies he exalts the name of God , talks about peace , reconciliation and forgiveness yet every reference he makes to our indefatigable former prime minister is often derogatory . Isnt it dishonest to preach water and drink wine instead ? If those chosen to lead and heal our wounds can exhibit such public loathing of their political opponents , what will unify the common man and persuade him to shun tribalism?
Dissent is part and parcel of any political dispensation . The ability to use dissent positively to build a stronger party is what distinguishes born leaders from despotic rulers . Denying rifts in the Jubilee coalition is living a lie . The mere act of the president and his deputy putting up a public show of unity , burying their heads in sand and denying undercurrents within the coalition will not alter the truth .
Most coalitions are built up on the promise of goodies , which more often than not , nobody is keen to honour fully . For the head of state to hasten to appease his coalition partners in the rift valley twice in the space of two months under the guise of thanking them for voting for him sends mixed signals . Didnt other Kenyans vote for the Uhuruto duo and are they not deserving of thanks too ?
It is not a secret that the composition of government , and parastatal chiefs reads like a list of who is who in Central Kenya and the Rift Valley , areas that are predominantly Jubilee . How then do we claim to fight tribalism and nepotism ?
The presidents contention that nobody has the right to tell him who to appoint and whom to sack behoves of totalitarianism . It is an assertion that his actions and deeds are sacrosanct .
The discontent in the Rift valley is likely to have a ripple effect in other areas that feel maligned . One can count the areas outside Rift Valley and Central to which the president and his deputy have gone to thank voters on the fingers of one hand . Are these areas so inconsequential that only 2017 will revive their appeal to those in authority ?
Only God knows about tomorow . Talk of a 20 years rule by Uhuruto is a mirage , a phantom . KANU promised it would rule for 100 yrs , it exited in ignominy .



As solemn as Nelson Mandelas burial was , i was humbled  by the simplicity of his frugal existence . The late Mandela would have had virtually anything he wanted in life but opted to live the quiet simple life of the villager , even choosing to be buried like a commoner amongst his ancestors in the village of Qunu . The hilly surroundings , bushes and shrubs at Mandelas burial site in Qunu negated the opulence of state burials in grotesque mausoleums soo dear to lesser leaders . The simple huts and houses visible with no  electric fences  were a reminder that Mandela lived his words and was one at peace with his people. 
Never has there been mention of an overflowing swiss account in the name of Nelson Mandela . No luxurious homes in  the posh capitals of Europe and America bear Mandelas ownership . And if there are businesses he ran , i do not know about them . Unlike Mobutu , Bokassa , Amin and other dictators in  Africa and beyond , Mandela did not sleep on a solid gold bed . His signature floral shirts , as opposed to starched suits , signified simplicity and ease .
Mandelas departure has put president Jacob Zuma in the spotlight , highlighting his inadequacies and extravagance in building for himself a palatial home , complete with outbuildings , numerous servant quarters and a helipad  that has seriously depleted  the exchequer .  While its  construction and other white elephant projects go on ,  South Africans face daunting economic  hardships and wallow in abject poverty .
The desperation of South Africans was apparent when they booed President Zuma and gave racist Mugabe a standing ovation during Mandelas memorial service . That Mugabe has ran Zimbabwe to the ground did  not register .  An opinion poll released on the eve of Mandelas burial indicates that more than half of ANC want Zuma to relinquish the presidency . Contrasted against Mandela , he has been found to be wanting .
Back home , there are lessons for us . The disconnect between leaders and the citizens is apparent in the extravagance and opulence of their lifestyles . Leaders barricade themselves behind high electric walls , steel gates and guard dogs . The government would rather build a retirement home for an ex president at the cost of 700 million shillings, an office complex costing 500 million shillings , a 2 million shillings monthly pension and a motorcade than employ teachers . It is better to evacuate a whole city block just to accomodate the deputy president and  put up a multi million shillings official home for him as well to keep him away from the riff raff . Members of parliament and senators get free cars , monthly mileage allowances , sitting allowances , insurance  covers , morgages and salaries worth billions of shillings monthly as doctors , nurses and lecturers plead for a little salary increment . Where are our priorities ? Must self always come before service ? And is leadership about grabbing as much as one can while the going is smooth ?  Apartheid and racism were more potent than tribalism yet Mandela contained them with ease , by applying  wisdom . Instead of pragmatically tackling tribalism and balkanisation , most  leaders glorify in propagating the vices . The fragile situation in South Sudan is brought about by tribalism . Military coups are not the solution because civilisation has given us constitutions to guide us .
It is not like we in Kenya and Africa as a whole are poor. We are rich and industrious but the lack of fiscal discipline and prudent political management will forever be our undoing . Need we look beyond Asia and the Middle east to appreciate this ?     



Characteristic of all political marriages pierced together for political expediency , the TNA  , URP marriage of convenience was bound to implode at some point . The implosion is bound to happen any time . The signs are up on the wall . The grumblings are getting louder as ridiculous expectations are not met . The euphoria of winning is slowly but surely  fizzling out as the magnitude and reality of the daunting tasks of nation building stare the victors down . There is no plus on Jubilees score card . They have straight E ‘s in all subjects .The stings of the flee are driving the government to distraction , giving it sleepless nights and  pretty little time to do anything else but scratch . It leaves mr william Ruto agonizing and Uhuru prodding him to do something . Isnt he the DP ? He must take some heat !  Because he has no solution to our problems , he is hitting out blindly . In his blurred vision , the only visible thing is CORD . 
Someone please tell William Ruto , aka Bill Machozi that Jubilee exists in name only . Someone tell him to salvage what little credibility  he has by refraining from blaming CORD for all his and Jubilees misfirings . 
Where is prof Kaimenyi ? Teachers proved too good for him . Where is Anima Mohammed , she who thought foreign affairs was about boarding planes and showing her face at international conferrences ?  And what about Ole Lenku ? He has discovered there exists a world of difference between burning onions and banning criminals in Kenya . He must be having sweaty palms and sweats everytime a balloon goes off near him . They offer enough case studies – 1- That brains triumph over brawn . 2- That dialogue is superior to monologue . 3- Never bite more than you can chew , its a recipe to choking . 4- That you do not impose ideas , you share them . 
When will our tuppeny politicians ever learn anything ?  Beats me !